gold clouds

7:45:00 PM

last night
i took the long way home from the neighbors' house
i drove west
and the clouds were purple, then rose
over gold
driving alone seemed like the most natural thing in the world

i thought this week would be lonelier
it hasn't been lonely enough
i guess that's a good thing

i've read it every morning
die to self
and my broken heart will be healed

the moon is shining bright through the hemlock branches
the trees cast huge shadows on the snow

that sunset
it was the first i've seen in a long while

and today
when we drove home
there was a bright gold spot through the winter clouds
i stared a little too long
and it grew so bright
it was almost blinding

i guess you could say
it promised miracles
better even than the ones
in a dusty past
that the sun was washing away


kinda scattered, but hey. i'm back. and i'd love to hear if any of you have seen a sunset or moon-shadows on the snow lately.

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  1. I like this - your descriptions especially. Driving alone into the sunset thinking about life can be such a wonderful thing! Keep trusting Him for those miracles. xx

  2. happy tears. it's been crazy warm here. i step outside expecting a winter wind, but i am greeted with the warmth of spring coming. and i really really needed it. and i was driving to church tonight and it sprinkled for a minute and i almost cried because man I MISS THE RAIN. tired of snow.
    and God is crazy good and loving, you know? because he knew that. and he sent me a little hope.
    so i think this poem is just it. my side was just a little different looking. same heart though. (also last night, i stood outside and stared at the pretty moon and looked for constellations for a couple minutes. just thought i'd add that because "moon-shadows" sparked something.) so good.
    loves. xx

    1. this is a ridiculously late reply, wow, idk if you'll even see it. BUT yay thank you for such a beautiful comment. xx

  3. yessssss yes yessssssssssssssssssssss I feel this

    1. I'm so glad! thank you for reading ^_^

  4. THIS IS STUNNING. <3 I FELT IT IN MY SOUL. and yes I have seen moon shadows on the snow and it was beautiful. :')

    1. aahh I am sure they looked lovely. THANK YOU :')

  5. Wow, beautiful poetry! I'm so glad you left a link on my blog for me to stop by-- your words are lovely <3