2:01:00 PM

i believe in the healing power of words
and yet i say a lot of harsh things 
i believe in grace for others
and yet i withhold it from myself
i feel so heavy
and yet with them
i feel so high
i don’t ever want to lose it

my bones are made of lead
my flesh is made of sand
my blood cries out for iron
my mind strains for something out of reach
my spirit wilts too easy
but i have a king in my soul
and a thorn in my skin means power

i do not know what i am trying to say
only that i keep saying
after this
it will be better
and i still feel heavy and scared

but the music is good and loud
and my feet touched the cool water 
and we laughed
i love her so much
it’s near impossible to imagine release
but there are months to go
and so many possibilities 

i will hold out hope
for the heaviness to fade

“just because you take longer than others doesn’t mean you’ve failed. remember that.”

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  1. THAT LAST LINE THO <333333 that speaks to my soul on the next level, man :')

    rock on,